Give Your Backyard A Facelift

By: The Tessier Team

Give Your Backyard A Facelift

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Now that the warmer weather is upon us and with the price of gas on the rise are you thinking about staying close to home this summer?   

Are you thinking about creating a backyard you will enjoy spending time in this summer? 

You don’t have to be spend a fortune to create a space you will enjoy for months or even years to come!  With just a few tweaks you can give your yard a facelift and make your outdoor space feel like an oasis! 

Here are a few of our backyard improvement ideas: 

  1. Bring New Life To Your Deck: You don’t necessarily have to tear out and replace your whole deck.  Chances are the support structure is in good shape. A remodel job featuring pressure washing, staining, new decking planks, rails or stairs can save a lot of money and can inspire you to re-invent your space!
  2. Create Your Own Backyard Oasis: If you love the tranquility of the outdoors and spending time in your backyard but street noise, the neighbours or even barking dogs are spoiling your enjoyment outdoors, don’t fret!   Privacy fence or privacy screens are great options!  Replace sections of your existing railing and make your deck more private, peaceful and comfortable!   Bird feeders, outdoor speakers and water features can also help tune out noise and create a tranquil environment for you to relax in!
  3. The Tranquil Sound of Water:  A water feature such as a fountain,  artificial waterfall - or  a small pond can make your space feel magical.  Water has a calming, therapeutic effect; the sound of a table top fountain might be all it takes! 
  4. Create Ambiance With Lighting: When it comes to setting the mood, proper lighting changes everything. From string lights to lanterns or path lighting, the options are endless (and affordable)!   Create your own magic and enjoy the twinkle!                     
  5. Create Your Perfect Pathway:  For a quick makeover add a walking path. Gravel is the easiest to handle and the least expensive option and can be complemented with stepping stones,  solar lighting, flower borders or perrenials for that extra appeal and aroma.
  6.  Furnish Your Outdoor Space Just Like Your Home:  Give it a purpose. Is it for dining, lounging, or a place to cook an entire meal? Don’t forget to include the pillows and quilts and accessories. 
  7.   Shop Your Home:  Don’t think you need to go out and buy new things for your outdoor space. Just use what you already have!   Trying to find furniture that fits your preferences and space for your backyard can have its challenges. Constructing your own out of wood palettes can be a unique solution. Choose the dimensions based on your available area and build benches out of the palettes, then add pillows and cushions on top to create a seating area.
  8.   Spark Some Cuddling with A Fire Pit: What can be more relaxing than talking with friends or family next to a fire or cuddling with a partner as you stare at the flames? With so many portable fire pit models available at reasonable prices, it's easy to create a sitting area around a pit. 
  9.  Affordable Ways To Landscape:  Consider spreading perennial ground covers, rather than mulch or sod, to fill in bare areas. Opt for young plants rather than more mature specimens. And check garage sales and flea markets for lawn furniture and other items you can refinish or repurpose instead of buying new items.
  10. Small Backyards:  Make use of vertical space by growing a garden up on a wall or fence. Use floating benches for built-in seating, rather than bulky patio furniture. And select dwarf plant cultivars, as well as ones with a narrow growth habit, to conserve space.
  11.  Landscape for privacy: Train vines to grow on a privacy fence to soften its look. Consider planting tall bamboo, which grows quickly and can form a lush privacy hedge. A pergola is a DIY project that can provide both privacy and shelter over your seating area.
We hope these tips have inspired you to recreate your outdoor space this summer!

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